Equine Assisted Learning

What We Do at Stable Life

For most young people growing up is a fairly smooth and natural process but for others this couldn't be further from reality. Stable Life supports vulnerable young people, aged 10-18 years, on a referral basis.

These young people are generally experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioural issues. A young person's circumstances and related behaviour can often push them to feel isolated or excluded from their school and community. This can lead to anti-social and risk taking behaviour, substance abuse, mistrust of adults and failure to reach their full potential.

Stable Life helps young people to break the cycle of damaging behaviour or feelings of helplessness. We offer vulnerable youngsters a proven and trusted medium which encourages self reflection and promotes resilience. Confidence and motivation can flourish accompanied by an increase in communication and anger management skills.

Our work is based on a model of Equine Assisted Learning developed into a person-centred package using the horse and its environment as a tool and learning medium to engage with the young person. Learn more about our work in Our Stories.

Imposing yet gentle, perceptive yet non-judgemental, horses can help troubled teens gain essential insights into their inner demons and innate strengths.
Hugh C. McBride

Young people are referred from across Scottish Borders from many agencies such as school, social work, NHS, school nurses, CAMHS and other voluntary agencies. Learn more in Referral Procedure »

We have a team of trained staff whom support the young people and families in either a group setting or on an individual basis, we also have trained volunteers who support our Project Workers. We also have trained adult volunteers and peer mentors who support our Project Workers. Our peer mentors undertake extensive training and regularly give up time and friendship to others in Stable Life. They show great empathy and commitment to other young people who are going through difficult times. Their special support brings great benefits to all as they are able to provide respect, understanding and hope from someone who has travelled a similar path. We support young people in their transition looking towards college and employment. This encompasses things like CV preparation, drafting personal statements, practical work experience opportunities which contribute towards building a young person’s self-esteem and confidence. Staff & Board Members »

One of the simplest aspects is diversion.  When a young person is focused on grooming, feeding or exercising a horse; the focus is no longer on their own issues and problems.  Far from being a “means of escape” caring for the horse provides an often needed respite from the young person’s emotions.  It can actually help the young person feel refreshed and energised because the mind has been allowed to ‘rest’ from its current problems.
Jane St. Clair

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