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Equine Facilitated Wellness

Equine Facilitated Wellness involves partnering with horses to promote emotional, mental, and physical health.

Equine Facilitated Wellness

Referrals for our Equine Facilitated Wellness programme are invited on behalf of children and young people with vulnerabilities, aged between 5 to 18 years of age, who are experiencing personal challenges including low self-esteem or confidence, low resilience, relationship struggles, emotional regulation, experience of trauma or family breakdown, bereavement or trouble with communication.

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Stable Life is a charity that empowers young people to reach their full potential through the transformative power of horses. In a safe and nurturing environment, we use equine facilitated wellness to help young people build confidence, develop life skills, and overcome challenges.

"Imposing yet gentle, perceptive yet non-judgemental, horses can help troubled teens gain essential insights into their inner demons and innate strengths."

- Hugh C. McBride

Meet Our Horses

Who will you champion at Stable Life? Choose your favourite horse, from Pandora to Seamus, and consider adopting them or donating monthly to help children with vulnerabilities find their strength and confidence through horses.

Book a riding lesson

We offer a variety of horse riding lessons and hacking for all ages and abilities. We have lessons for children from 2 years old and group lessons for all ages - because of the lovely nature of the ponies they are brilliant for learning to ride, so we specialise in beginner riding lessons for all. We are lucky enough to have some incredible countryside around us and offer weekend hacks for adults, children and families. 

How your donations helped

As a registered charity, Stable Life’s activities rely entirely on the generosity of donations.

  • £5 Buys a pair of skipping ropes for a young person participating in our keep-fit sessions

  • £10 Buys four pairs of children’s cozy socks to keep their feet warm

  • £25 Would allow us to offer a 1:1 session for a young person

  • £35 Sponsors one of our special ponies for a year

  • £50 Would provide a 2-hour group session for a young person

  • £120 Pays for a set of shoes for our ponies

  • £200 Buys 10 well-being activity packs

  • £250 Would provide one young person a 10-week 1:1 therapeutic programme

  • £850 Would provide one young person a 17-week group therapeutic programme

  • £1,000 Would purchase 25 bales of hay for our ponies

  • £5,000 Would purchase a special pony to join our herd


Thanks for signing up!

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