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Stable Life; Donate to Stable Life


As any registered charity does, we rely on the generosity of donations from individuals, grant giving trusts, foundations and corporate organisations. We are always grateful to receive any new donations, large or small. 

One-off donation

All the money donated to Stable Life enables us to help more children and young people get the support they've been waiting for. Unfortunately we have to operate a waiting list, such is the demand for our service, but donations help us work through the list faster, getting more quickly to those most in need. 

Stable life charity; Donate to stable life

Sponsor a Horse 

Monthly donations make a huge difference to our income. To sponsor a horse as a gift for a loved one for a month, or for a year, helps us to plan our programmes further ahead. Sponsoring a horse as a business means you are giving back to the community in one of the best possible ways, by investing in its young people which are its future, and we can even put your logo on your favourite pony's door. 

How your donations helped

As a registered charity, Stable Life’s activities rely entirely on the generosity of donations.

  • £5 Buys a pair of skipping ropes for a young person participating in our keep-fit sessions

  • £10 Buys four pairs of children’s cozy socks to keep their feet warm

  • £25 Would allow us to offer a 1:1 session for a young person

  • £35 Sponsors one of our special ponies for a year

  • £50 Would provide a 2-hour group session for a young person

  • £120 Pays for a set of shoes for our ponies

  • £200 Buys 10 well-being activity packs

  • £250 Would provide one young person a 10-week 1:1 therapeutic programme

  • £850 Would provide one young person a 17-week group therapeutic programme

  • £1,000 Would purchase 25 bales of hay for our ponies

  • £5,000 Would purchase a special pony to join our herd

Image by Money Knack

Donate by cheque

Please make cheques payable to Stable Life and post to our address or drop-in, visitors are always welcome.

Postal address

Dryden Farm, Ashkirk, Selkirk,

Take Part

Take Part in a Fundraiser or Sponsored Challenge.

Our supporters have run marathons and climbed mountains to raise money on our behalf. Please send us email for further information about the work of our fundraisers and fundraising committee.

fundraise for stable life
Image by Debby Hudson

Leave a Gift in a Will

Imagine a brighter future, where children in need find stable ground. Through Stable Life, your legacy can be their anchor. Leave a gift in your will, and let kindness ripple, shaping lives for generations to come. Every child deserves a safe harbour, and you hold the key.

Donate Riding Gear

Saddles or dusty bridles gathering dust? Give them a second gallop at Stable Life! Donate your used (or new!) tack in good condition and help us to kit our ponies out perfectly. 

donate riding gear to stable life

Corporate sponsorship

Invest in the resilience of young people by partnering with Stable Life. Your corporate donation empowers their evidence-based equine therapy programmes, fostering positive change one saddle at a time.

"Stable Life has had a good positive effect on my child. I noticed over time they had a respect for the staff and listened to them. They would come home after their time at Stable Life sounding happier and more positive."


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