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Our Stories

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and learning experience using the horse and its environment, to help young people reach their full potential, and become healthier and happier with aspirations and dreams.

Hearing their feedback is important to us and helps us to improve our service 


'I might not be here'

"I can hardly believe how far I have come now"

“When Stable Life started I was at home and not in school. I had no routine, we were always fighting mum and I, and all I wanted to do was drink. I had no respect for myself; I felt so crap and scared and lived in a bubble and was stuck there by myself and felt like I was the only person in the world who felt like this. I used to think about killing myself and how long it would take before someone noticed I was not there but knew my dad would blame himself. Without Stable Life and my carer I would not be here. I just drank and drank and I know now it wasn’t the best idea as I was destroying myself but I was crying out for help. I kicked off, really, really kicked off because I could not cope and wanted somebody to do something. I remember always feeling scared, so scared for my family and whatever I did was wrong; it was my fault and my blame. I kicked off more and more cos I hoped someone would help me. Without Stable life I would be on the dole in a flat or not here at all. It has been hard but I have had to make the mistakes I did to be where I am now. I am glad I got two carers and its bloody scary cos if I left now I would never get back and if I had not gone I would have no options for the future. Stable Life is there for YOU! Whatever else doesn’t matter- you help so many kids like us and it’s amazing. I was thinking about doing something stupid like suicide but you were there for me. I have made real friends and I have so much more confidence and know where I want to go and be. I will jump on any horse now and understand a lot more about myself. Stable Life and my carer have changed my life. I was given respect and learned to trust and get some routine and just well – live. I can hardly believe how far I have come now I love my dad and my mum but sometimes she doesn’t like me very much. I hope that someday she will be proud of me. I always stay later at the stables and at college to make sure it is done, I feel healthier and happier and know that stuffs hard but I believe in myself now and not scared to speak up and want people to know about Stable Life cos it’s just well you know just amazing and I am so proud to be part of it”

'Great courage'

"Stable Life saved me in so many different ways..."

Stable life has always been an important part in my life even since a little girl, Stable Life has helped me in so many different aspects of my life from teaching me how to ride to support for my mental health and anger issues. I’ll forever be grateful for the support that they were able to provide me to help me believe in myself and to trust people again. The main part of the support for me was being around the equines and doing trust exercises when riding the ponies. After the support sessions had finished they couldn’t get rid of me as I came on to volunteer and it’s such a very important part of my weekly routine, coming into the yard to see Seamus and I instantly feel at home. It’s safe to say stable life saved me in so many different ways. As long as Seamus is there it will forever be my HOME.

Stable Life-11.jpg

'Self Belief'

"Consistently proving himself…when it comes to work"

B is a 15 -year old boy, who has been in the care system since 18 months old, due to the consequences of parental substance abuse and was moved to a foster family in the Scottish Borders. B was severely traumatised and neglected when he was placed into the care of his current long term foster parents. They were told that he would never walk or talk or be able to attend mainstream school. B was initially referred to us age 11, when struggling in school. He was diagnosed as having ADHD, and delayed personal development, understandably suffered with relationship issues, anger issues and poor social skills, particularly with peers. We began to work with B on a weekly basis in a small group. B always tried so very hard and always wanted to please. You could tell he struggled socially but in a supported environment, settled with the others and his skills began to develop. There were times where he could become rather raised, but he accepted the boundaries and adapted well. He needed constant monitoring regarding impulsiveness but again adapted and stuck to boundaries. His confidence began to grow and he developed a belief in himself that he could achieve what others could. After his initial spell at Stable Life B would be invited back to holiday activity sessions and would never fail to attend. He went on to participate in our Environmental Group (outdoor learning, den building etc) and turned up even in freezing temperatures. B has now gone on become part of a football team, which was a huge hurdle in the past due to his struggle to handle any decisions against him. Now 15, school approached us regarding a work experience week. Initially it was thought that he may struggle as he potentially needed a high level of supervision. We agreed the placement and he started on a couple of hours, build up to half days then on to full days by the end of his time. B absolutely blew the Yard Manager away with his diligence, hard work and taking on responsibilities, showed he could be trusted and always completed tasks. To send him back to school with a glowing report was such a huge achievement considering the boy we first met. B now volunteers on the yard at the weekends, consistently proving himself as a real grafter when it comes to work, and can be trusted to complete tasks, and always looking for more to do. He helps with our ‘Tiny Totters’ (junior riders under 5), and has a lovely way with them, always encouraging, with a touch of his own sense of humour to put them at ease. He is highly regarded by the yard staff and peer volunteers. For B to feel accepted and part of something has really continued to improve his confidence and self-esteem which was very much lacking when he first set foot on the Yard. He loves his riding and his skills have been seen to improve greatly and enjoys his lessons and rides over the hills as his reward for his hard work. He has a really special bond with a pony called Paddy which he absolutely adores. B continues to strive to better himself and looks forward with goals and aspiration, and disproving the expectations initially given. He is a bright funny boy, whom with the right family around him, and added support from organisations like Stable Life who do not judge, but accept what we see and nurture and encourage, there is no stopping children like B.

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